Rigorous and rapid evaluation of development interventions using high quality monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data is crucial for measuring effectiveness and to rapidly iterate and improve new approaches. To make quality M&E data and evaluation outcomes more readily available to researchers and policy-makers, DIL has initiated and integrated several novel data collection, data management, and M&E tools and platforms. Members of UC Berkeley’s Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions research group are leading these efforts.

Consisting of smart hardware and sensors, new software approaches, and effective analytic methods, these tools and platforms will enable the low-cost capture and real-time analysis of heterogeneous data from deployments of new development solutions that span diverse efforts in the design of new technologies, market strategies, public policies, and social programs.


Mezuri Platform

The Mezuri Platform  is a hardware (e.g. sensors) and software system (e.g. cloud-based computing) for collection and management of data from development interventions.


Impact Assessment Toolkit

The Impact Assessment Toolkit is a collection of open-source impact evaluation techniques, methodologies, and tools designed to guide the measurement of the welfare impacts of new products and services.



ReadyMade Impact Assessment is an open-source tool that social enterprises can use to track the impact and cost of early-stage projects using data that is already being collected or can be easily collected.