Updated August 22, 2016

This is an internal, by invitation competition. Please do not circulate this funding opportunity. Unsolicited applications will not be considered. If you have questions regarding your eligibility please contact dil-grants@berkeley.edu.


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  • Deadline to Apply: Sunday, September 18, 2016, 11:59 pm US Pacific Time
  • Total Funds Available: $1 million
  • Individual Grant Range:  $100,000 – $200,000


The Development Impact Lab (DIL) is entering its final year of programming. This grant period will focus on top-up investment and translation of successful DIL-sponsored interventions. DIL invites select DIL researchers to apply for a top-up grant focused on translating previously supported research for scale-up.

Grants are intended to support a) endline data collection for an evaluation of a DIL-sponsored technology intervention, including evaluation of the business model for delivery/scale-up of the innovation; b) support for adaptation and replication of a proven approach in new contexts; c) linkages and an action plan for outside partners to implement findings at a broader scale. The purpose of this competition is not to seed new work but rather to accelerate existing DIL approaches toward scale.

Successful applicants will demonstrate a commitment from in-country partners and decision-makers to support the translation and sustainability of the proposed work. Special consideration will be given to projects that are engaging with local governments and/or USAID Missions or operating units to scale DIL innovations and approaches.


Applicants must focus their research in the country they have previously been funded to work in. Expanding work to new countries may require lengthy review times by our sponsor. If you would like to focus your project in a new country, please contact dil-grants@berkeley.edu as early as possible.

Questions? Read through the FAQs below or email dil-grants@berkeley.edu for additional help.


Submission Questions

Do I submit my application directly or does it have to go through the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO)?
Since this is an internal grant competition, applications do not have to go through the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO), nor should they be submitted to UC Berkeley’s SPO. Submit your application directly through DIL’s submission site.
I’m planning a collaborative project. The template has space for only one PI. Should I list two, or do we need to choose one main PI?
You need to choose one main PI. The other PI can be listed as a co-investigator on the cover sheet and in the narrative.
Do the references/bibliography count toward the page limit for the research narrative, or can they be included as a separate document?
All references and bibliography related to the narrative should be within the total page limit. Please economize without sacrificing the essentials.
Can we send a copy of our application for comments?
For reasons of confidentiality, unfortunately, we cannot review any applications ahead of final submission.
Can we submit letters of support?

Letters of support are not required. However, if research or other work is to be done outside the US, applicants are encouraged to submit a letter from a host university or institution expressing their commitment to work with the research team. Additional letters advocating the proposed approach or confirming the value of the research—from scale-up partners, collaborating institutions, policy-makers, or USAID staff—are welcome. No more than 2 letters will be accepted.


Budget Questions

What Indirect Cost Rate (IDC) should I use?

You should use the IDC rate specified by your grant administrator for US government grants. Most universities have established a Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement that stipulates the indirect rate for all US government research awards. Note that this may not apply for international universities.

We are submitting two budgets – one for our university and one for our international partner which is a foreign university. Will their overhead rate apply or should we use our university's rate?

Each application should only include one budget.

Can the budget justification be brief or does it need to contain detail on items like travel (i.e. calculations for daily mileage, individual meal costs and each ground transportation cost)?
The justification for travel does not need to be as detailed as mileage and meal costs. Simply state the destination, number of days traveled, and total amount requested.
Due to limited funds, no PI salaries are allowed on DIL grants, whether it be summer salary or paid on a calendar month basis.